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HuRu brings YOUR customers back...
with their friends.

  1. 1. Viral Mobile to Mobile Marketing
  2. 2. Building your customer database
  3. 3. Your customers become your best salespeople
  4. 4. It's cloud based!! Nothing for you, or your customers, to install!
  5. 5. and HuRu is so, so, so simple!

Welcome to HuRu

Amazingly simple for ALL non-tech users AND IT'S FREE.
Over 90% of people NEVER go anywhere without their mobile phones.
Now you can give your contacts your alerts, special offers, vouchers & more, which they can forward to others, virally building your network.
HuRu makes sense no matter your skill level with technology AND Users do not download or install anything.

So Easy to Use

Instant results with no learning curve!
Literally ANYONE can use HuRu. It's really that simple. Open your phone. Click to send your card. Enter their name and number.

They have your card!

No need to Install ANYTHING to use

HuRu just works! You don't install anything. Your customers and contacts don't install anything. HuRu gets your message to prospects where emails fail. And they can forward to others.

EASIER, Faster & more direct than Social Media

Nearly everyone gets confused with Social Media, unless they are an expert at it. Too many options. Too much to learn. HuRu is more direct, faster, more viral AND gets read FAST, meaning better results to YOUR networks.

What does HuRu Do?

Cut to the chase with a few short videos :-)

What is a HuRu?

How to edit your Free HuRu Mobile Business Card

Managing your database of Contacts

Adding Video to your HuRu

HuRu creates a QRcode to help you promote offline too :-)

As your alerts and offers get passed around, HuRu builds your list of contacts. You can promote products, services, special offers or just alert users to important information. When you or someone else passes on your HuRu Mobile Business Card, HuRu tracks your card, virally building your reach. This means, you and your contacts always have your business details on hand to easily pass on, but at the same time, you track & record where it goes. Users can save your card to their favorites, making it easy to monitor any offers, recall your details AND PASS YOUR CARD TO OTHERS.

You can update HuRu INSTANTLY

HuRu can be saved to a users mobile screen, like an app, OR be added to their HuRu Favorites. When you update your HuRu Mobile Business Card details, easily done from your mobile, tablet or computer, EVERYONE who opens your card INSTANTLY sees the updated version.

Add YouTube Videos and Images

In a few simple clicks, you can put YouTube videos on your HuRu Mobile Business Card. These could be for example, customer testimonials, your personal introduction to your business, product specials, vouchers, last minute offers and more. Unlimited possibilities, possible immediately.. 24/7.

Connects your website & Social Media Platforms

HuRu brings together all of your communications tools, including website, social media, locations map, telephone and more, and delivers to your virally expanding network.


HuRu helps you get a substantial business edge and the ability to keep ahead of the pack.

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Get your FREE HuRu Now

Get up and running in no time! You’ll have a HuRu Mobile Business Card, that can be passed out, passed around, and passed on! And EVERYTIME it changes hands, your database grows. You can send alerts and notifications out ever so simply. Your contact list can be segmented into groups, and you can import existing customer lists into groups you create, or export lists to input into your existing CMS (customer management systems).

Why use HuRu?

HuRu is the most simple, yet powerful to use business promotional tool to launch, combining a range of technologies in a way anyone can use.

  • HuRu enables you to capture and organise prospect information, in a friendly manner.
  • HuRu enables you to alert customers and associates to updates, specials, and offers.
  • Emails get trashed. SMS Alerts get read.
  • Helps you keep your lists grouped and organised.
  • Engages your current Customers
  • Establishes your VIRAL REFERRAL system, from contacts to their networks.
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Watch How it Works

Simply, The Best Promotional tool around!!
Get your FREE HuRu now!

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